Buy Denver. Hire Denver.

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As we begin to emerge from the most resent recession, we need to work to keep more of the City and Metro Region’s money at home to create jobs, support local business owners and strengthen Denver’s economy.  Studies across the country consistently show that when local businesses are patronized, nearly four times the money is returned to the local economy. The Buy Denver Initiative (BDI) is intended to support local business in Denver and the Denver Metro Area.
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95% of businesses in the Metro Area have less than 50 employees and 75% have less than 10.  Denver alone has over 24,000.  Small local businesses are the heart of our economy - our community and the City must do their part to foster and support these businesses not only for their benefit for our regions economy.  Across the Metro Area there are organizations that promote local products and services.  These groups work diligently to promote local products and services but in order to reach as many people as possible, Denver and our neighboring communities must take an active role.